Number 22: Arizona


I found out that my parents and grandparents would be in Phoenix, Arizona for one of my dads work conferences so I hopped on a bus and went down to see them. It’s not like I had a job I had to be at. 

As for Phoenix, it was like nothing I had ever seen. It was ghost town. There was never a single piece of traffic or even a person walking down the street. It was eerily quiet at all times, day or night. As a baseball fan, I wanted to see the inside of Chase Field, home of the Diamondbacks. I walked around the stadium trying to find even a tiny view of the field when I found Friday’s Front Row Sports Grill that had a sign saying “open year round”. I didn’t know what to expect so I walked into the stadium, down an elevator, and when it opened I was in awe. A bar/grille with this as the view. Incredible.

2015-03-25 14.18.41 2015-03-25 14.18.50

My mother, grandparents, and I went up to Sedona and took a pink jeep tour which made me want a Jeep Wrangler about 1000x more. Seeing all the red rock formations was really just a cool experience. It was just so beautiful. After Sedona, we went down to “pretty much Mexico”… Old Tuscon. It’s a site that many of the older western movies and tv series were filmed. My grandparents love western movies so they really enjoyed it. It was pretty cool with all the actors walking around as if it were really the old west. They did a bank robbery shootout skit which was pretty solid.

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All in all, Arizona was a good time. My pops was working most of the time so I didn’t really get to see him all that much but I got dinner with him and some people I used to work with one night. It just still throws me for a loop as to how nothing goes on in the city of Phoenix.


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