Stop Caring About Other People

2014-12-18 17.06.29

The older I get, the more I realize that nothing really matters. Don’t take that as cynical, I mean it in a very good way. Nothing matters in the long run. Especially not what other people think of you. This time in history is all about being “accepted” by your peers. Everything is who is wearing what, who is doing what, and how many “likes” you get on your selfie (I get like 50, NBD but KBD). The sooner we say that we don’t give a shit, and actually mean it, the better. 

For instance, instead of being “men” and going out and watching sports on Thursday nights, me and my guy friends (and one girl) all get together at someones house, drink wine, and watch old 90’s and 00’s music videos. Im talking S Club 7, Kelly Clarkson, Mandy Moore, Backstreet Boys, all songs that the macho man you know pretends to not like. “Thats pretty gay”, he will say. Everyone likes those songs… everyone. It is impossible not to. Try and listen to S Club Party and not smile, you can’t. Anyway, you think we give a shit if people think we’re gay, as if that’s some huge diss nowadays? Or think that a bunch of guys getting together to have a #WineNight is weird? Not one little bit. I post that shit all over social media and anyone is invited.

You wanna know what the best part of getting older for me has been so far? I see less and less of people I knew when I was younger. Again, don’t take that as a negative, because I wholeheartedly mean it as a positive. I only see the people that I will still want to see when I’m on my death bed. Nobody else. I think this whole “nothing matters” understanding gets stronger the older you get. Have you ever heard your mom or dad talk about someone that didn’t like them back in the day? Probably not, because they got older and made the same realization, that those people didn’t matter, so why keep them around. It’s when you are trying to please everybody else that you become miserable, because you’ll never realize it’s an impossible task.

So, go live the way you want to. Because, who gives a shit?

P.s. – You’re welcome

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