You Are Ruining Your Night By Not Enjoying It


For anyone who has ever gone out drinking with me can attest to, 99% of the time I go out I am not actively trying to get laid. I sing, I dance, I make horrible (mostly offensive) jokes, and I make an absolute fool out of myself. Why, you may ask? Because I have noticed that the people who go out with the sole purpose of making out with a chick or bringing a girl home spend their entire night having zero fun while spending twice as much money. Then the next morning when everyone is recapping and laughing about what happened the night before, this persons only story is how they brought home an 8 (we all saw her, she was a 5). I enjoy spending my nights the way that I do. I make drunken best friends, I make enemies (emphasis on the plural), but I always have some sort of story to tell.

This isn’t a post saying don’t ever try to bump uglies with someone. All i’m saying is that sometimes you gotta let the night unfold in front of you and not try to dictate everything that you want to happen. Let me run two scenarios by you and let you choose which one sounds more appealing…

Scenario 1 – You get to your watering hole of choice and immediately go up to a girl at the bar and start chatting her up. You listen to her talk about how she likes cats (so now you have to pretend to like cats), what her favorite movie is, favorite color, etc… Then, after way too long of talking about a million things you forgot immediately, you might go back to someone’s house and bingo bango bongo. You wake up, have an awkward morning, and part ways.

Scenario 2 – You don’t waste your time and instead hang out with your friends who you already know and like. You drink, you joke, you drink some more, you have a bunch of laughs. Then as the night goes on, maybe somebody in your group says something to a group of girls that gets their attention. They come over and instead of asking the typical questions you’ll forget anyway, you bring them into the totally ludicrous conversation you and your idiot friends are having. This is where you tell if they are worth your time anyway. You find the one that you vibe with and you guys go back to someone’s house and bingo bango bongo. You wake up, have an awkward morning, and part ways.

In this instance, both of these scenarios lead to the same thing. I don’t know about you but scenario 2 sounded like a lot more fun. Now i’ll be the first to admit that scenario 2 happens WAY less than scenario 1 might. But even if nothing comes of it, you spent the entire night with your friends having fun. If scenario 1 goes south, you just wasted the entire night doing something you didn’t even enjoy. I take my chances with scenario 2 every single time.

This philosophy isn’t all about the act of human mating either, it’s about all things in life. There’s a time and a place to be a go-getter and focus all your attention on one thing. Most of the time though, letting life come to you and playing things by ear end up with a happier and less stressful life.


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