My “Impossible” List


So I recently stumbled upon a great blog written by some guy named Joel Runyon who lives the way that I would like to live. He posted this list of all the things he wants to do in his life. Instead of trying to explain it, I will just link to his site and post his writing here as he explains it perfectly.

“The impossible list™ is NOT a bucket list. Not too long ago, I used to settle for the possible things in life. The sure thing. It was “realistic”, “safe” and boring as hell. I decided I needed a challenge. The impossible list is that challenge. This list of impossible things contains all the things I ever thought I couldn’t do because it was “impossible.” The sort of things that I assumed the cool guys on TV only ever got to do. The things I never thought that would be able to do. This is my list of impossible things. I’m constantly crossing things off it as I accomplish them and adding to it when needed and I’ll be making regular updates about my journey on the blog. Maybe you’re bored of a bucket list, maybe you’re tired of simply attempting what’s considered “possible”, maybe you just want to try something different. This blog is for you.” – Joel Runyon, ImpossibleHQ

I really like the idea behind this. I am not dying, so its not like I’m writing my bucket list. I believe that writing things down makes them real. It’s easy to think about the stuff that you want to do, and it’s also easy to forget about them and let them fall by the wayside. Having a written reminder of all the things that you said you would do gives you the motivation to actually get them done. You can add things as you think of them, which I will definitely do, and you can cross things off as you go and set new goals for yourself. So without further ado, I give you my “Impossible List”:


  • Visit all 50 states (22/50)
  • Hike the Appalachian Trail and make film about it
  • Visit Italy
  • Swim in every ocean (Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, Southern)
  • Drive cross country and make film about it
  • Be in Alaska during 24 hour sunlight
  • Go to Australia
  • See all 50 MLB stadiums


  • Get a 6 pack (Because fuck you, thats why)
  • Run a triathlon
  • Run a triathlon longer than sprint
  • Run a marathon
  • 100 consecutive pushups
  • 25 consecutive pull-ups

Adrenaline Rushes

  • Skydive
  • Base Jump
  • Get scuba certified
  • Buy a motorcycle


  • Learn Italian
  • Learn Guitar
  • Learn Piano


  • Enjoy going to work
  • Pass CompTIA A+ test
  • Learn all Adobe software
  • Make a living working via internet
  • Blog: 50 subscribers


  • Be in a movie
  • Adventure Roulette (Buy unknown destination airplane ticket)

So that is my list as of now. Like I said, I will add to it as I see fit. What’s on yours?

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