About Me


2015-02-04 08.04.49

Vincent Martorelli grew up in Garnerville, New York. He attended North Rockland High School where he preferred getting drunk in the woods behind his house with his buddies to actually studying. This decision made SUNY Albany his best option after graduation.

He attended for a semester before fulfilling his dream to play college baseball at SUNY Rockland, the most prestigious community college in Rockland County history after getting the snips from the Albany team. He spent a semester there when he must have found an incriminating photo of the Albany coach because the coach asked him to re-enroll in Albany to play on the team, so that’s what Vincent did. After spending two years playing D1 college baseball, Vincent decided to go back to what he knew best, getting drunk with his friends.

His senior year was the best time of his young life. So much fun that he gained about 30 lbs of pure fat. That is a lot of fun. After graduation he moved back in with his parents for about two years before deciding to ditch the geezers and move.

Now, Vincent finds himself in Vin Sin City… Las Vegas. He will probably run out of money and have to move back in with his parents eventually but for now he is just living the dream and doing his own thing. He got bored one night after a bottle of $3 wine and decided to start a blog, thus creating MottoMaterial.com. It will probably be filled with garbage.

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