What It’s Like To Live In Las Vegas


Ahhh Sin City. Disneyland for adults. Full of fun, debauchery, anticipation. In one word to describe it, ridiculous. People come from all over the world to enjoy the artificially-built city in the middle of the desert. I think the most amazing part of Las Vegas is that even in the middle of Nevada, you can be transported all over the world just by stepping into a certain casino. For example, you can go to medieval Europe in the Excalibur or cross the drawbridge and enter New York City at the New York New York Hotel. You want to go to Egypt? How about stepping into the Luxor, complete with a gigantic Sphinx right in front. Paris? Oh its right down the street at, well…. Paris. You wanna go to Italy? Take your pick. There’s the Venetian, which depicts the city of Venice. There’s the Bellagio with its amazing fountain show out in front. And if you want to go back to ancient Italy, step into Caesar’s Palace, which themes ancient Rome (and yes, Caesar did live there, I toured his room).

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The Race To 50!


Me and my brother, Mike, were talking one day a year or two ago when we decided to count up the number of different states that we had seen already. The conversation shifted and we decided that we both wanted to see all 50 states. So what did we do? We decided to make it a competition. I think that you are more likely to do things in competitive situations, and a competition to see things that you’ve never seen is a great motivator to actually do it. We gave ourselves some expectations and rules beforehand, like that we wanted to have it done by the time he turned 30 (he is 26 now). Another big rule is that just driving through a state does not count, you have to have a memorable experience in each state (which is why me running out of gas in the middle of Sandusky, Ohio counts in my book). Read More

That Time I Went To California With My Brother

Holiday Road I met up with Mikey and since we both had no money we hostile-hopped for most of the nights. We mostly stayed in the LA area with the exception of when we drove up to Santa Barbara to wine taste. We did all of the touristy stuff because, guess what… we were tourists. Standing at the Griffith Observatory we spotted the Hollywood Sign. “It doesn’t look that far”, we both thought so we started walking. About 900 hours walking up a mountain on goat trails with all of our luggage we finally arrived, not without a foot injury for Michael though. Read More

Craziness, Defined.


I’m not one to sit and do the same thing for a while. Call it lack of commitment, call it ADD, call me lazy or irresponsible, whatever it is, it’s who I am and it’s how I live my life. I get restless easily. That’s why spending anymore time at a job that I didn’t enjoy going to seemed crazier to me than quitting did. So that’s what I did, I quit. While I was being crazy, I came up with the idea to leave everything behind me and move to Las Vegas; family, friends, everything.

They say that what I’m doing is a gamble; leaving a job, a family, friends, for the uncertain. What bigger risk is there than forgoing my life with the gamble that ill be able to do it later?

My first order of business was getting to Vegas as I could not drive my leased car. My only option was flying so I found out my brother would be in California by himself on February 28th. My plan was now New York to California to Vegas. I texted him at 8pm on February 27th simply, “want a Los Angeles friend?”, then just like that I was landing in LAX two days later. Journey, commence!