What It’s Like To Live In Las Vegas


Ahhh Sin City. Disneyland for adults. Full of fun, debauchery, anticipation. In one word to describe it, ridiculous. People come from all over the world to enjoy the artificially-built city in the middle of the desert. I think the most amazing part of Las Vegas is that even in the middle of Nevada, you can be transported all over the world just by stepping into a certain casino. For example, you can go to medieval Europe in the Excalibur or cross the drawbridge and enter New York City at the New York New York Hotel. You want to go to Egypt? How about stepping into the Luxor, complete with a gigantic Sphinx right in front. Paris? Oh its right down the street at, well…. Paris. You wanna go to Italy? Take your pick. There’s the Venetian, which depicts the city of Venice. There’s the Bellagio with its amazing fountain show out in front. And if you want to go back to ancient Italy, step into Caesar’s Palace, which themes ancient Rome (and yes, Caesar did live there, I toured his room).

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Vegas, Baby!

We left off with me boarding the bus to go to Las Vegas. It was actually scarier than anticipated. I was traveling with thousands of dollars worth of nerd-gear throughout the trip: Macbook Pro, iPad, extra iPhone 5, GoPro, and multiple hard drives. I’m gonna stereotype everyone in the area but lets just say I didn’t know downtown LA was so… suspicious. A lot of sketchy characters. My bus was no different. The good news though is that not only was I not the only white guy, but the other white guy was a big fat nerd with a guitar. Score! If anyone is getting mugged it would probably be him (Remember this guy. He will make another appearance later). Either way, I still wrapped my bag straps around my ankles when I slept. Precautions.

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